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AAD End of  Year Production 2024:

Registrations due - 15 September 2024

Production Venue: 

Raye Freedman Performing Arts Centre, Epsom Girls Grammar School, Gillies Avenue.



The theatre rehearsals are extremely important, and all must attend.  Students may not be required for the entire duration of the Act 1 and 2 rehearsals.  Please check the programme if your child is dancing in Act 1 or 2.  The programme is emailed out closer to the time.

Rehearsal Dates:

  • Monday 9 December:  All items in ACT ONE 4.30pm – 8.00pm

  • Tuesday 10 December:  All items ACT TWO 4.30pm – 8.00pm

  • Wednesday 11 December:  FULL DRESS REHEARSAL 4.30pm – 8.30pm (EVERYONE required at 4:30pm)

Monday/Tuesday - no makeup, students near normal dancing attire

Wednesday - full stage makeup/hair.  Arrive in clothing easily to take off and wear when finished

Wednesday rehearsal starts with the curtain call rehearsal by the full dress rehearsal. Students to arrive with their hair and makeup completed at home.  We will endeavour to release the students as soon as possible.  Usually once students have finished their final dance they are allowed to leave.  Front desk will keep you posted on their progress. We understand it is a long day for everyone, and we thank you for your patience. 


Parents are NOT allowed in the theatre auditorium or dressing rooms unless rostered as parent helper.  All other parents are asked to wait outside and watch the rehearsal from the TV in the lobby.


Show Dates:

SHOW 1:  Thursday 12 December, 6.30pm

SHOW 2:  Friday 13 December, 6.30pm

SHOW 3:  Saturday 14 December, 5.00pm (Prizegiving after final show)


Makeup & Hair Requirements

Parents should make sure that their dancers arrive for the concert with their hair and makeup done.   All dancers need to have full stage make-up.  Click here to view how to do stage makeup.

Wearing Costumes in Dressing Room Etiquette

  • There must be NO EATING OR DRINKING in costume. We suggest you can bring a dressing gown or an old shirt (worn backwards) to cover up your costume while you are waiting to go on.

  • All costumes are to be left at the theatre after every rehearsal and show excluding the last show where students can wear their costumes home.



  • Deposit of $50 per costume is required.  No costume will be ordered if no deposit received

  • All accounts must be up to date if you wish to participate in the show.  If you are owing money, you must speak directly with Nancy to discuss payment options.

  • No refund will be given for costumes that have been ordered or already in the making process, you will still receive your costume. 

  • If you withdraw before orders are made, only the costume fee will be refunded.


Purchasing of Tickets

Tickets for the show will be on sale via iTicket ( from Monday 30 October.  The show is allocated seating and sell fast!  Students DO NOT require ticket as they remain backstage for the entire show.


Filming of the Show

A professional multi camera edited video recording of the show DVD/USB orders will NOT be available for purchase in Term 4 as they are part of this Consent form.  The completed DVD/USB is usually available for collection from reception in January. 



Frequently Asked Questions


Are Parent Helpers Required?

Yes!  We will be needing 1-2 volunteers per class for every theatre rehearsal and performance to assist in the dressing rooms. We will also need stage crew, preferably for all rehearsals and performances.  Please see your class teacher or Katrina at reception. 


I am a parent – am I able to go backstage with my child?

Only parent helpers and parents wearing a dressing room pass will be allowed in dressing rooms area.  Due to COVID restrictions the backstage area is limited to the amount of people.


Can I drop my child off and pick them up after the show?

YES. Performers need to be there 1 hour before show time. They will meet their group’s parent helper in their designated dressing room/area. Please sign your child in then they can be left with the parent helpers until after the show has finished. It’s a parent’s responsibility to organise collecting and signing out their child after the conclusion of the show. No child will be allowed to leave without a parent.


Are students allowed to watch the show?

No.  Students stay in the dressing room for the entire duration of the show and can be collected approximately 5 minutes after the show has finished.  We highly recommend purchasing either the USB or DVD for students to watch.


Do I need to stay in the audience after my child has danced?

Yes, students remain backstage until the show is finished.  If you are not watching the show and need to collect your child after they have danced, please sign them out before you take them.  No students can leave during interval.


What time do I need to be at the theatre on performance days?

All dancers are expected to be at the theatre at least 1 hour before the performance.


I am only dancing in the 2nd half – What is my call time?

If you are only in the 2nd half you can arrive when the show starts. Please find your groups parent helper and sign in.


Where do I park for rehearsal and show?

For rehearsal there is no parking on school grounds but there is plenty of parking on the side roads.


Can I video or take photos of the rehearsal or show?

NO.  We have to abide by the Privacy Act, and we cannot allow any videos or photographs to be taken of students during the rehearsal or show.  We have arranged for the show to professionally filmed and photographed.  You can purchase a copy of the USB or DVD with the consent form.


Please complete and return your form by (date to be confirmed), with payment no later than (date to be confirmed).

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