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40 Years of Experience

Mission Statement

Our Philosophy

Dance is the study of form, and it can be applied to many aspects of life. There is no doubt that dance helps with the efficiency of movement in everyday life.  A dancer is an ultimate athlete as they must execute their movements without obvious effort - and yet the effort is immense.


Additionally, it is the deeper benefits of the social and psychological aspects that are not initially seen.


To be an achiever in life, one must first learn discipline, and the ability to apply oneself. Dance helps to develop the ability to practice regularly to reach a level that will make an impact, or change the status quo, to propel one forward in life, and gain the skills & confidence to fulfill one's personal goals. To possess the stamina to carry on when it counts, in spite of fear, tiredness, or self-doubt.

In dance class, a student learns about themselves, their expectations, limitations & disappointments, followed by determination. These attributes are important life skills.


Within the studio, the student learns to work with others and to take on board direction, in a healthy and positive way.


With dance comes creative artistic expression. The expression of large emotions and the freedom and space to do so; to interpret a story physically in partnership with music, where one becomes intuitive with the sound, its rhythm, and its feel.


Whether or not the intention is to be a prima ballerina or a bus driver, dance gives a lifetime structure of emotional, physical, and mental well-being that will see one through to old age. 




Nancy Holland-Schroder


Nancy trained at The Nesta Brooking School Ballet and General Education London (Scholarship) and went on to study at The Arts Educational Stage School London (Scholarship) in all Dance genres, Acting, and Singing, followed by Theatre Directing with Raymond Hawthorne in NZ.

She has had Lead Acting /Dance roles in  Theatre and television which include;

Mercury Theatre The Crucible, Carousel, Amadeus

Court Theatre Daughters Of Heaven, Gypsy, Wind In The Willows, Private Lives

ATC Travesties

Summer Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

Theatre In The City Blood Wedding

Silo A Kind Of Alaska

National Tour Shirley Valentine

Shortland Street


Street Legal

To date, Nancy is the Studio Owner and Artistic Principal of The Auckland Academy of Dance, and Artistic Director of The Stage Co. - Directing and producing professional productions for over 10 years from Shakespeare to Pantomime.



Katie Proffit-McKinney

Senior Ballet CBTS, ARAD, PBT Registered.  

RAD-qualified Teacher CBTS, ARAD

PBT Registered Teacher

Pattan Academy of Dance - RAD Advanced & NZAMD Syllabus, Ballet & Jazz

Diploma in Classical Ballet - Australian Ballet School, Melbourne

Bachelor of Performing Arts, majoring in Contemporary Dance. Katie has danced with​ Sydney Opera House,  Melbourne State Theatre, as a company Member of Black Grace, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, and been a freelance RAD Ballet teacher across Auckland RAD Ballet. 

Danielle Timbers

Senior Jazz

Danielle trained with Momentum Productions, Diamond Entertainment, Auckland Academy of Dance, Jazz Dance - NZ- Solo Seal Diploma, RAD Ballet / Contemporary Syllabus, and JDNZ Hip Hop Syllabus. As a professional dancer she has been a Commercial and Contemporary Dancer for Diamond Entertainment, Momentum ProductionsRoyal Caribbean Cruise lines, Moulin Rouge, SkyCity Cheer Team Cheerleader (Dance Captain/Dancer for the NZ Warriors & Breakers, XFactor NZ Season Dancer, All Blacks’ Performer, Season Two Hearts Performer, Tempo Dance Festival 2015-2016 and Fringe Dance Festival 2017-2019.  She has also worked extensively as a freelance teacher and choreographer across Auckland.


Justine Butcher

Pre-School, PrePrimary and Primary Dance 

Justine's training includes Auckland Academy of Dance (since aged 3), Keri Edley Modern Dance Jazz - Advanced with Distinction, Pre School training with Jill Arkley.  As a dancer, Justine has competed in both ballet and jazz including national and international competitions.  With over 25 years of Pre School  teaching experience, she thoroughly enjoys teaching the younger students.  Justine specialises in Pre School dance but also covers all levels of jazz and ballet.


Samantha Keighley

Ballet CBTS & ARAD

Samantha's dance training was completed at the Auckland Academy of Dance in the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Pre-School to Advanced 2 Ballet all with Distinction. Auckland Academy of Dance Contemporary to Level 6 with Honours & Distinction. Auckland Academy of Dance Jazz to Solo Seal level with Distinction. Competitions in Ballet and Jazz including Alana Haines. 
She has obtained her RAD certificate in Ballet CBTS
& RAD. With well Over 10 years of freelance teaching across Auckland, Samantha is a sought-after leading teacher and expert on the  Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. 

IMG_0604 - Linda .jpg

Linda Lopez

Linda started ballet at the age of five and trained under Philippa Campbell and Joye Lowe, gaining distinction in all her RAD exams.

She also attended Fulton School of Dance and gained Solo Seal Jazz at 15 years old.

She successfully reached the top 12 in ballet and the top 6 in jazz at PACANZ.

Linda was accepted and attended the New Zealand School of Dance as a classical major at 17 years old.

Deciding to leave was an extremely hard decision, but one that was right for her, and she went on to study a Bachelor in Business (Accounting) and a Diploma in Human Resources.

She competed nationally in ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, and contemporary throughout her childhood.

Linda loves teaching children and watching their passion for dance grow.


Daniel Cooper

Ballet + Contemporary Teacher

Daniel was trained at the prestigious New Zealand School of DanceAs a Dancer, he has performed in Billy Elliott (older) for Auckland Theatre Company (ATC), Douglas Wright's 2002 season of Inland, Black Grace Dance Company (4yrs), Atamira Dance Company, Okareka Dance Company.  He has choreographed for 
Black Grace, Stars in Their Eyes, Montanan Sunday Theatre, Okareka Dance Company, Atamira Dance Company and The World of Wearable Arts. Daniel is a freelance teacher across New Zealand, including 

Dance Educator Royal New Zealand Ballet
Independance, Atatmira Dance Co., Raising the Barre,
Okareka Dance Co., WOW, UNITEC and Auckland Academy of Dance 

Maria Wrassky-Bulmer

Maria Wrassky-Bulmer

Hip Hop Teacher


Professional Development

Josh Cesan, Andrew Cesan, Indigo Sagala, Christa Albert, Kiel Tutin, Todd Williamson, Identity Dancecrew, The Bradas Dance Crew, Kayla Paige, Jane Strickland, Ginny Sc- Ahill, Tracey Rogers, Matthewmoore, Rebekah Shoonbeek

Pre-Professional Development Training -  Momentum Productions (2017) Pro-Development training - Momentum Productions (2018/20)

Adult Development Programme -  Nzx Next (2020/21)

Summer Jam Dance Camp - Singapore (2017)

Fair Play Dance Camp - Poland (2019)

Shay Program - Amsterdam (2022)


Music Video

Tia Lee (Leeyufen) Music Video -

Kiel Tutin 

Chaii - PinapplePizza - Music Video - Kiel Tutin

Navvy - Rock Bottom - Music Video - Kirsten Dodgen

Jarna - True Colours - Music Video

Hana Morris, Riley Bourne

Jarna - I’m Fine - Music Video

Maria Wrassky, Nate Peace Jarna

Do Mi Dirti - MusicVideo - Maria Wrassky, Nate Peace



Jess B - Hidden Valley Lesh

Rita Ora Rwc Opening Ceremony

Todd Williamson, Lance Savali

Jess B - Listen In

Jess B - L.A.B. Summer Tour

Jess B - Listen In New Zealand

Jess B - Festival Amsterdam

Jess B - Shapeshifter Spark Arena

Jess B - Six60 Tour Akl/Wgtn 

Jess B - Rhythm And Vines

Jawsh 685 -Aotearoa Music Awards 2020                      Kirsten Dodgen

‘The Exceptional Squad - Pango Productions 

Nzx - AimsOpening Performance - Kiel Tutin

Caci Girls - Momentum Productions - Kayla Paige

Vospertron Australias Got Talent - Idco Skycity 

Breakers - Momentum Productions Dance Team - Kayla Paige


Nzx - Collide - Kiel Tutin, Todd Williamson

Momentum Prod - Chromatic  Kayla Paige, Andrew Ceasan

Momentum Prod - Autonomy 

Momentum Prod Duality

Momentum Prod Synthesis

More Than Moves - Spotlight

Jacob Yar

Tempo Dance Festival - Fresh, Youthdance

Indigo Sagala

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