Frequently asked questions

Term 2 Online FAQ

What if I want to enrol into Term 2 but only when the studio opens. Is it possible and what is the cost?

Yes, you can enrol again when we go back into the studio. Though nobody has any idea at this stage when this will be. You will need to keep an eye on the website and Facebook pages for announcements. The cost is the term cost pro rata, plus $25 Admin fee

Is the Junior Show or End of Year show still going ahead?

We are absolutely determined that the show will go on! We will be having an end of year performance of some sort! It depends on the government’s rules regarding the size of permitted gatherings as to what that is.
If we are unable to gather in person we will be making the most amazing video compilations, devised by our wonderful creative staff and students.

Are we doing exams?

Exams will be replaced by Internal Assessment in 2020. If sufficient progress is made then students will still be able to go up a grade next year. The only exceptions are Vocational grades in Ballet and Jazz where official prerequisites apply.

Do I pay per child or per family? I have 2 children in Middle School.Is the show going ahead?

Classes are on the same basis as usual - enrolment, registration and payment is per child. The family discount will apply.

Can I do online private lessons?

Yes. Contact to book a lesson. Lessons must be pre-paid and the prices are the same as usual

My child turns 5 in May/June - which group do I register for?

You may choose - all Pre school students can choose to join Junior School if they wish. Please indicate on the registration if your PreSchooler wants to join Junior School Stream as well.

My child only wants to do Grade 1 ballet - do I still have to pay the full amount even though she is only going to do the one class?

Grade 1 is two classes per week @$265 in the studio. Online classes give you all Middle School classes in ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, tap, musical theatre and Acro for $200. The option for one class only in Middle School will not be available in the Online format.

How do I get access to my group?

Please register and pay online or through You will receive instructions that will direct you to a private Facebook group for your stream. There you will find links to the classes.

What if I want to access a group that my child's level isn't part of?

If you wish to attend a class that you are currently enrolled in but doesn’t appear in your Stream we can grant you access to that class. Email

If I am part of Junior School - can I access Middle School?

We would love to hear from you! Please email any reasonable request for access to
An additional payment of $60 would be required to access any further classes, but we would need to approve your application.

What happens when we return back to the studio?

When we go back into the Studio for classes we will notify you of the start date, and at that point we will transition back into the classes you enrolled in at the beginning of 2020. You have already received an invoice for Term 2. There may be adjustments to the timetable at this point.

At the point of transition we will work out how many weeks of Online classes you had, and how many weeks of studio classes you are going to have.
We then apply a simple pro rata equation and work out the difference. This amount will be payable at the time of transition. See the Case Studies to see how this works.
If you prefer you are welcome to pay your term 2 invoice in the usual way and receive a Credit Note for the difference, redeemable in Term 3. Those who have already paid their Term 2 invoice or are electing to pay their Term 2 invoice will receive a Credit Note for the difference.

No part term registrations or credits for classes not attended are possible at this stage. Registration is “per term” with no part terms or refunds, except as specified under the Terms and Conditions.

Please see Case Studies below for examples of the pro rata calculation.
T2 Case Studies for website etc

What do I do about my Term 2 invoice?

Your registration payment for Online ACCESS ALL AREAS Streams will be credited against your current Term 2 invoice. The amount still to pay will be determined by how many weeks it takes before we are able to teach in the studio again. (See the Case Studies) This will be worked out and you will be notified as soon as we get a clear directive from the government.

What if I don't want to return for Term 2?

If you do not wish to return in Term 2 please let us know as soon as possible so that we can cancel your invoice. If you wish to return in Term 3 or later you will need to re-enrol in the usual way. Places in class will be subject to availability.