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2021 Exam Reschedule 

Submit Your Availability

What exam(s) will the student be taking?*

Available Dates

Due to the latest Covid-19 lockdown, our exams will need to be rescheduled. 

We would like to gauge our students availability, and select a week that would suit the majority. 

We encourage you to select multiple options, which will increase our chances of securing a date that works for as many students as possible.


**If you have multiple students, please fill out this form for each student separately.

**If your student is taking multiple exams, you can select all of those exams on this form. You do not need to fill out a seperate form for each exam.

**If your student is doing a Ballet Grade Exam, you're not required to fill out this form, as these exams will continue under their original dates.


**Please note that these dates are not set-in-stone, and we will be in touch as soon as the new dates are confirmed.

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