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Audition Registration Form

Audition Date TBC

Student's Name

Upload File

Previous Training & Experience

Please include your total months / years of training, current level, and any other relevant experience.

Please tell us, what are your future aspirations are as a dancer?

In a few words, how would you describe what makes you unique?

Terms and Conditions


14+ (A younger age will be considered under

exceptional circumstances.)


No fees will be charged to audition or to be in EMERGE. However, all dancers offered a place in EMERGE will be required to enroll in one AAD class per term.


All income from events & theatre productions, invoiced by AAD,  will be collected by AAD and put towards costs of training – choreography, studio running costs, costumes, incidental costs, travel & food expenses for company dancers where possible,  plus photography & filming. Where possible theatre shows, dance/music videos, Concerts, Events, Parades will be invoiced for work provided.

I agree:
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