What you need to know when returning back to the studio:


Everyone must re-enrol online or email us for an enrolment form. Please review our latest Timetable.


Please pay immediately or email us to make an arrangement. 


Studio Drop Off:

  • Age 3 - 4, parents may accompany children and wait in reception.

  • Age 5 - 7, parents may escort children to and from class, and wait in reception, or in your car if reception is crowded and distancing cannot be maintained.

  • Age 8+, parents may escort children to and from class, please wait in your car.


The Shop is open, one person in the store at a time please.


Distancing – keep 1m away from people. We will assist with distancing measures by marking out positions on the barre and on the floor.


Dance uniform and water bottles – students will need to arrive at class already dressed in their leotards if at all possible. There is a maximum of three people in the changing room. Dancers can change their shoes once they get in to the studio. The kitchen will be closed, so they will need to bring their own water bottles and snacks.


Once we recieve your new enrolment we will process your invoice. This invoice will give you a credit for any Online School fees paid, and make an adjustment for any changes made to your classes in the new timetable. 


Unfortunately if there is no enrolment or payment, the student will not be allowed into class.


Use commonsense on the stairwell - if people are coming down, please wait before going up.


If you are unwell do not come to class – stay home and get better. This is most important in looking after your own health and not passing any viruses on to anyone else.


Hygiene – hand washing or sanitising, coughing or sneezing into elbows, disposal of tissues and paper towels into bins, no shared drink bottles or kitchen items. The studio surfaces, door handles, etc will be frequently cleaned and disinfected.


Visitors sign in – please fill in Contact Tracing register.

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