What you need to know when returning back to the studio:


Studio Drop Off:

  • Age 3 - 4, parents may accompany children and wait in reception.

  • Age 5 - 7, parents may escort children to and from class, and wait in reception, or in your car if reception is crowded and distancing cannot be maintained.

  • Age 8+, parents may escort children to and from class, please wait in your car.


Use commonsense on the stairwell - if people are coming down, please wait before going up.


If you are unwell do not come to class – stay home and get better. This is most important in looking after your own health and not passing any viruses on to anyone else.



Hand washing or sanitising, coughing or sneezing into elbows, disposal of tissues and paper towels into bins, no shared drink bottles or kitchen items. The studio surfaces, door handles, etc will be frequently cleaned and disinfected.


Contact Tracing:

Please remember to sign in using our Contact Tracing QR code, which is up on all notice boards.

If you do not have the Contract Tracing app, please sign in at reception.



We encourage the use of masks both outside and inside the building when possible.

Masks may be removed during class if preferred.


The Shop is open, one person in the store at a time please.


Please observe social distancing. We will assist with distancing measures by marking out positions on the barre and on the floor.


Dance uniform and water bottles:

Students will need to arrive at class already dressed in their leotards if at all possible. There is a maximum of three people in the changing room. Dancers can change their shoes once they get in to the studio. The kitchen will be closed, so they will need to bring their own water bottles and snacks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Covid-19 FAQ

Are exams still happening?

All exams are still happening with some possible date and time changes. These will be emailed out but you can also check the noticeboard outside Studio 3. There will be new guidelines for Alert Level 2 regarding social distancing during exams, please follow staff directions.

Is the Junior Show still going ahead?

YES! The Junior concert is still planning on going ahead. Concert Consent forms are now due by Saturday 19 September. You can purchase tickets online via from late September

Is the end of year production going ahead?

YES! Concert Consent Forms will be sent out shortly and are due back with payment before the end of Term 3. Dates and show information can be found on our website under Calendar

Are private lessons still happening?

If you have booked and paid for an upcoming private lesson then the booking will remain. All private lessons must be paid in advanced to confirm a booking

What if my private lesson was paid for but didn't happen because of lockdown?

Speak with Katrina at reception to find another available slot and simply rebook your lesson.

Are Watching Weeks still going ahead?

Watching Weeks will be reintroduced when we move back down to Alert Level 1.

Is that Santa Parade still happening?

Yes however we will keep you informed if there are any changes.

Do parents or visitors need to wear a mask at the studio?

Although it is not compulsory for people to wear mask we encourage and support anyone waiting in the reception area to wear one. Reception staff will be wearing a mask.

Does my child need to wear a mask while dancing?

Students do not need to wear a mask while dancing as teachers will encourage students to maintain social distancing, however if you would prefer your child to wear a mask they can.

Will teachers be wearing a mask while teaching?

All teachers will be practicing good social distancing and will sanitize hands after every class. Some teachers may feel more comfortable wearing a mask while teaching but mask wearing is not compulsory for teachers.

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