Junior School Show:  Saturday 23 September 2017

(please note that this is the same day as the Election Day)

SHOW PRODUCTION 2017:  Mary Poppins!

Rehearsal at theatre: Tuesday 5, Wednesday 6 December

Show Season: Thursday 7, Friday 8 & Saturday 9 (x2 shows) December 2017



Every year every student and class is given the opportunity to perform on stage in a live stage production.

There are 2 different concerts held twice a year for the Junior School and the rest of the school.  Detailed information about this years concert is further down.

The Junior School has their annual concert at the end of Term 3 to showcase their talents for their annual concert.  This concert is held at Auckland Girls Grammar (new venue for 2016).

For the end of year production in Term 4, the ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, stage fighting and musical theatre combined to perform in a 4 show spectacle.  There is a week of rehearsals leading up to the shows that are performed Thursday, Friday, Saturday matinee and Saturday night.  Saturday night is followed by prizegiving.


Junior School Show:

The Junior School show is held at the Dorothy Winstone Centre – Auckland Girls Grammar, 16 Howe Street, Newton.  We have one rehearsal and one show all on the same day.  The rehearsal is from 9.00am-12.00pm with the show at 3.30-4.30pm.  Tickets for this event go on sale in Week 2 of Term 3 and are available for purchase directly from the studio.

For more details about the show, click here for a FAQ about the Junior School Show.


End of Year Production:

Rehearsal: 5, 6 December.  Shows 7-9 December 2017

This year’s Production is an exciting combination of Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Musical Theatre & Stage Fight technique class

Production Venue:  Raye Freedman Performing Arts Centre, Epsom Girls Grammar School, Gillies Avenue.

Rehearsals:  Show production work will be taught during class time in Term 4. Scene to scene rehearsals will be called on Sundays starting from September and/or other times outside of class time. Dates and times to be confirmed. Every Sunday in November will have rehearsal times. Your teacher will advise when you are needed, please try and keep Sunday’s free for rehearsal.

Sunday at AAD Studio.   Full cast rehearsal including finale. It is a whole day event with Act 1 rehearsing in the morning, lunch will be the entire cast for finale practice then Act 2 in the afternoon. On this day during the finale we will be having a tutorial on makeup for parents who are unsure how to apply stage makeup. A full timetable will be available closer to the time.

Theatre Rehearsals
There are 2 rehearsals held at the theatre.

  • First rehearsal will be a full rehearsal with no makeup, parents are to wait either in the dressing or theatre
  • Second rehearsal is a FULL dress rehearsal with hair, makeup and costumes. During the Wednesday rehearsals only allocated parent helpers who are helping during the shows will be allowed backstage. A timetable will be given closer to the time so you know when you can pick your child up.

These rehearsals are extremely important and all must attend

Show Dates: FOUR Performances
SHOW 1: Thursday 7 December 6.30pm
SHOW 2: Friday 8 December 6.30pm
SHOW 3: Saturday 9 December 11.00am
SHOW 4: Saturday 9 December 4.00pm (Prizegiving)

All children from Junior Jazz up wards and Grade 1 Ballet & above are expected to perform in all 4 shows.

Beginners & Pre Junior Jazz, along with Pre-Primary & Primary Ballet will perform in alternate shows

  • Saturday classes for Pre-Primary & Primary will perform in the Thursday 6.30pm & Saturday 11am Shows
  • Tuesday Pre-Primary & Primary will perform in the Friday 6.30pm & Saturday 4pm Shows
  • Beginners Jazz will perform in the Thursday 6.30pm & Saturday 11am Shows
  • Pre Junior Jazz will perform in the Friday 6.30pm & Saturday 4pm Shows.

Both Saturday performances will be filmed.

A detailed timetable for rehearsals will be posted on the notice board. Please make sure you know what time to be at rehearsal.

Want to help?
Yes please! We are always looking for volunteers! Dad’s make the best backstage helpers! See FAQ on next page of how you can help!

Make up & Hair
Parents should make sure that their dancers arrive for the concert with their costume named, and their hair & makeup done.   All dancers need to have full stage make-up. There will be a make-up demonstration class to show you what to do – in studio in Sunday 22 November.

Each student will be measured for their costume, which we source for you. Costume pricing will vary. Your teacher and dressmaker will consult you on pricing. We will try and keep costs under $120.

Tickets for the show will be on sale via iTicket (www.iticket.co.nz) in term 4.   These are allocated seating so please get in quickly.  Our Facebook page will let you know when tickets will be on sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to help?
Yes please! We are always looking for volunteers! Dad’s make the best backstage helpers!

Backstage Helpers Needed
We need 6 – 8 parents as part of the back stage crew, who will be responsible for moving scenery on and off stage. If you’re a dad and want to be part of your child’s dancing this is the best way to be involved and you get to watch every show for FREE backstage! Please let us know if you can assist on the consent form. We would prefer to have the same cast helping backstage for both rehearsals and all shows.

We also need 3-4 people to help as runners, collecting groups from their dressing rooms and someone to communicate with the stage manager. Please let us know if you can assist on the consent form.

Parent Helpers Required
At the show each class needs to have 2 parent helpers to assist them to get ready and supervisor the children before and after their performance. Parent helpers must stay with their group in the dressing room area, with their group as they make their way to and from the stage and remain with their group until all children have been collected after the show. Please let us know if you can assist on the consent form.

Dressing Room Helpers
For the senior students we need parents to assist with costume changes, hair changes and possible quick changes. Please let us know if you can assist on the consent form.

We need sewers to assist our costume designer.

I am a parent – am I able to go backstage with my child?
Only parent helpers and parents wearing a dressing room pass will be allowed in dressing rooms area. The backstage area needs to be as quiet as possible so we limit the amount of people back there.

Can I drop my child off and pick them up after the show?
YES. Performers need to be there 1 hour before show time. They will meet their group’s parent helper in their designated dressing room/area. Please sign your child in then they can be left with the parent helpers until after the show has finished. It’s a parent’s responsibility to organise collecting and signing out their child after the conclusion of the show. No child will be allowed to leave without a parent.

I am only dancing in the 2nd half – What is my call time?
If you are only in the 2nd half you can arrive when the show starts. Please find your groups parent helper and sign in.

I am a performer in the show – Do I need a ticket?
Performers do not need a ticket as they will stay in dressing rooms for the duration of the show and coming back on stage at the end in the finale.

Do I need to stay after my child has danced?
We encourage you to stay for the whole show as we get everyone on stage at the end in the finale. If you do need to leave please make sure sign them out before you take them. If you have purchased tickets to watch the show then they will be cared for till the show is finished.

What time do I need to be at the theatre on performance days?
All dancers are expected to be at the theatre at least 1 hour before the performance.

Where do I park for rehearsal and show?
For rehearsal there is no parking on school grounds but there is plenty of parking on the side roads.
For the show the school field will be open for everyone to park on.

Can I video or take photos of the rehearsal or show?
No. We have to abide by the Privacy Act and we cannot allow any videos or photographs to be taken of students during the rehearsal or show. We have arranged for the show to professionally filmed and photographed. You can purchase a copy of the DVD before the show at a reduced rate.