Hip HopHead of Department – Catherine McKay

Hip hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music that includes a variety of urban styles.  Classes are taken by Catherine McKay once a week with the goal of all students partaking in the July Hip Hop exams.

Hip Hop students participate in the end of year concert with the rest of the school.  For more information about the end of year see our concerts pages

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(per term)
Junior BronzeThursday 3.30-4.00pm5-6 years$120
Junior SilverThursday 4.45-5.30pm7 years$150
Junior GoldThursday 5.30-6.15pm8-9 years$150
Senior BronzeThursday 4.00-4.45pm10-11 years$150
Senior SilverThursday 6.15-7.00pm (FULL)12-14 years$150
Thursday 7.00-7.45pm
Advanced GoldThursday 8.00-8.45pm15+ years$150