Class Levels

Below is list of all the classes available and the correct age for each level:

BalletJazzAge (before 1 May)
Junior BalletN/A5 years after 1 May
(Junior Ballet starts Term 2)
Pre PrimaryBeginners Jazz5 years
PrimaryPre Junior6 years
Grade 1Junior Jazz7 years
Grade 2Pre Grade Jazz8 years
Grade 3Grade 19+ years
Grade 4Grade 210+ years
Grade 5Grade 311+ years
Previous dance experience required
Vocational Grades
(Previous ballet training is necessary to complete these grades)
Grade 412+ years
Previous dance experience required
Grade 513 years
Previous dance experience required
Grade 614 years
Major, Intermediate 1, Advanced 115 years +previous levels required
Senior AdultsSome previous dancing experience helpful
ContemporaryAge (by 31 December)
Introduction Contemporary9+ years (new students)
Preparatory10 years
Level 111 years
Level 212-13 years
Level 414 years
Level 515 years + previous level
Hip HopAge (by 1 May)
Beginners Hip Hop6 years
Level 17-8 years
Level 39-10 years
Level 511-12 years
Level 713 years
Level 814+ years