Term fees are payable when you enrol or within the first week of the term. Payment can be made at reception when enrolling, or by internet banking.

Online Banking Details:
The Auckland Academy of Dance Limited

Late payment of fees incur a $25 late payment fee. Prior arrangements to pay your fees in installments can be made with the office, but must be in place before the commencement of the term.  Fees are based on an average of 8 weeks per term and calculated over the entire year.  This takes into account statutory holidays and that some terms differ in length and are longer or shorter.

There is no refund for classes not attended, see our Terms and Conditions for more information. All fees are GST inclusive.

Family discount of 10% for second child attending class.


All Pre School Ballet classes which are Little Gems, Little Jewels and Junior Ballet classes, are 30 minutes in duration.

Ballet children in Grades 1 – 5 are expected to attend two classes a week to sit the RAD examination.

Vocational Ballet students are expected to do a minimum of two classes per week, but must attend three classes per week including Open Classes if they wish to sit the examination.

$550.00 Package for Classical Ballet:

Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation and Advanced 1 & 2 includes x2 Syllabus Classes, Open Class, Body Conditioning and for Advanced students, Repertoire.

ClassTimetableMinimum AgeCost
(per term)
Pre School
(x1 class per week)
See Pre School Classes for more informationMust be 3 or 4 at the start of the term$125
Junior Ballet
(x1 class per week)
Starts TERM 25 years AFTER 1 May
Starts Term 2. See Pre School Classes for more information
Pre Primary
(x1 class per week)
Tuesday 4.00-4.45pm (Limited spaces)5 years before 1 May$140
Tuesday 4.45-5.30pm (Limited spaces)
Saturday 9.00-9.45am
(x1 class per week)
Tuesday 5.30-6.30pm 6 years before 1 May$160
Saturday 9.45-10.45am
Grade 1
2 Options available
(x2 classes per week)
*Please note you cannot mix Options.
Option A
Tuesday & Thursday 4.00-5.00pm
7 years before 1 May$265
Option B
Wednesday 4.00-5.00pm
Saturday 10.45-11.45am
Grade 1
(NON exam class)
Saturday 12.45-1.45pm$160
Grade 2
2 Options available
(x2 classes per week)
*Please note you cannot mix Options.
Option A
Tuesday & Thursday 5.00-6.00pm
8 years before 1 May$265
Option B
Wednesday 5.00-6.00pm
Saturday 11.45-12.45pm
Grade 2
(NON exam class)
Saturday 1.45-2.45pm$160
Grade 3
2 Options available
(x2 classes per week)
*Please note you cannot mix Options
Option A
Tuesday & Thursday 6.00-7.00pm
9 years before 1 May$265
Option B
Wednesday 6.00-7.00pm
Saturday 1.00-2.00pm
Grade 4
(x2 classes per week)
Tuesday 7.00-8.00pm
Saturday 3.00-4.00pm
10 years before 1 May$265 (2 classes)
$160 (1 class non exam)
Grade 5
(x2 classes per week)
Thursday 7.15-8.15pm
Saturday 2.00-3.00pm
11 years before 1 May$265 (2 classes)
$160 (1 class)
(see below)
$550.00 Package for Classical Ballet or individual pricing below
Intermediate FoundationMonday 4.15-5.30pm
Tuesday 6.30-7.45pm
75 minute class = $195
IF/I Body ConditioningMonday 5.30-6.00pm$60
IF/I Open BalletThursday 5.45-7.15pm$225
IntermediateMonday 6.00-7.15pm
Tuesday 7.45-9.00pm
75 minute class = $195
Advanced 1Tuesday 5.15-6.30pm
Wednesday 5.15-6.30pm
75 minute class = $195
Repertoire ClassWednesday 6.30-7.30pm$125
Advanced 2Monday 7.15-8.45pm
Wednesday 7.30-9.00pm
90 minute class = $225
Advanced Open ClassicalSaturday 10.15-12.15pmAdvanced and above levels$250


All jazz students attend syllabus class once a week and students from Grade 1 and above and join the Body Conditioning classes on Mondays and Fridays.

ClassTimetableMinimum AgeCost
(per term)
Beginners JazzSaturday 10.00-10.45am5 years before 1 May$140
Pre Junior JazzThursday 4.45-5.30pm6 years before 1 May$140
Saturday 11.45-12.30pm
Junior JazzThursday 5.30-6.15pm7 years before 1 May$140
Saturday 12.45-1.30pm
Pre Grade
Thursday 4.00-4.45pm8 years before 1 May$140
Saturday 1.30-2.15pm
Grade 1
Wednesday 4.00-4.45pm9+ years of age$160
Saturday 10.45-11.45am
Grade 2Thursday 6.15-7.15pm10+ years$160
Saturday 2.15-3.15pm
Grade 3Wednesday 5.00-6.00pm11 years+$160
Thursday 7.15-8.15pm
Grade 4Wednesday 6.00-7.00pm12 years+ $160
Grade 5Wednesday 7.00-8.00pm13 years+ $160
Grade 6Monday 4.00-5.00pm13-15 years$160
MajorMonday 5.00-6.00pm14 years+ previous level required$160
Intermediate 1Monday 6.00-7.00pm15 years+ previous level required$160
Advanced 1Tuesday 8.00-9.00pm16 years+ previous level required$160
Advanced Open Jazz/Body ConditioningSaturday 1.15-2.45pm13 years+
Advanced students
Intermediate AdultsMonday 7.00-8.00pm(Previous dance experience)$10 per class (casual class) CASH
Beginner AdultsMonday 8.00-9.00pm(Little to no dance experience)$10 per class (casual class) CASH


All contemporary students attend syllabus class once a week.

ClassTimetableMinimum AgeCost
(per term)
Open ContemporaryMonday 8.15-9.15pmAnyone wanting to try contemporary$160
Introduction to ContemporaryMonday 5.45-6.30pm9+ years (new students)$140
PreparatoryMonday 6.30-7.15pm10 years$140
Level 1Monday 7.15-8.15pm11 years$160
Level 2Wednesday
12-13 years$160
Level 4Wednesday
14 years$210
Level 5Wednesday 5.15-6.45
15 years + previous level$210
Advanced Open ContemporarySaturday 9.00-10.0017+ years
Advanced students

Hip Hop

All Hip Hop students attend syllabus class once a week.

(per term)
Beginners Hip HopThursday 3.30-4.00pm6 years$125
Level 1Thursday 4.00-4.45pm7-8 years$140
Level 3Thursday 4.45-5.45pm9-10 years$160
Level 5Thursday 6.45-7.45pm11-12 years$160
Level 7Thursday 7.45-8.45pm13 years$160
Level 8Thursday 5.45-6.45pm14+ years$160


All tap students attend syllabus class once a week.

ClassTimetableAge (by 1 May)Cost
PrimaryTuesday 4.30-5.00pm7 years$125
Pre GradeTuesday 5.00-5.45pm8 & 9 years$140
Grade 2 & 3Tuesday 5.45-6.45pm10 years$160
Grade 4Saturday 12.30-1.30pm11+ years$160
IntermediateWednesday 8.15-9.15pmPrevious tap experience required$160
AdvancedTuesday 6.45-7.45pmPrevious tap experience required$160

Musical Theatre

Classes are designed for students who wish to explore acting, singing and dancing together. This class is taken by Nancy Shroder and Sebastian Dudding, who have extensive experience in Musical Theatre. Nancy is the Artistic Director of the KISS Theatre Company that produces regular childrens’ shows at the Logan Campbell Centre and graduate of Arts Education Stage School London.  Sebastian is from The Actors Programme and the Pop Up Globe.

Musical TheatreMonday 4.00-5.00pmMinimum of 8 years of age$160
Singing classMonday 7.00-8.00pm16+ years$160


Sara Kidston will be teaching Acrobatics for dance class for AAD students 8 – 14 year olds. This is in response to competition dances including more acrobatic elements.

ClassTimetableMinimum AgeCost
TumbleSaturday 2.45-3.30pm6-8 years$140
Junior AcroSaturday 4.30-5.30pm9-12 years$160
Senior AcroSaturday 3.30-4.30pm13+ years$160